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Releasing tosh!

Apr 08, 2016 • 1 min read • Filed under tosh, projects

Today I'm super-excited to be releasing tosh, a text-based editor for Scratch projects.

Go try it!

tosh is the product of hundreds of hours I spent designing, coding, and testing, all in secrecy.

Here's the intro to the guide:

Scratch is a programming language designed for beginners.

Scratch is a block-based programming language, designed for beginners.
Instead of typing in code, you drag blocks around. Since the block shapes
only fit fit together in certain ways, syntax errors are impossible, which is
what makes it beginner-friendly.

tosh is a text-based Scratch editor: you type code using a text-based
syntax which it compiles into Scratch projects, thus defeating the whole
point of Scratch.

Actually, I lied about the secret part. I wrote lots of articles about its design while I was working on it. Here's a list:

I never got to write the really interesting posts, the ones about name restrictions, and language design, and auto-complete. But there's always tomorrow, or next week...

Enjoy tosh!

If you like tosh, feel free to love and comment on this Scratch project.

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